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Not Your Grandpa's Wood Paneling

We at Shaw + Company love wall paneling.

When we are doing our own projects and have responsibility for both the design and build, there is almost always paneling involved. We're not talking about your grandpa's old wood paneled in his den with shag carpeting and a mothball smell, we're talking about the classic and modern adaptations of paneling that add texture and appeal to a room.

From beadboard to board and batten to shiplap, there is no shortage of options when it comes to adding panel detail to a space. In the project pictured above, we used MDF to customize a modern, yet timeless paneling to add detail to an otherwise boring hallway.

MDF is an ideal option for custom paneling in living and dining areas it is less expensive than solid wood but has a nearly identical end result when painted with a high quality satin-finish paint. MDF deteriorates when exposed to water, so it is not recommended for use in kitchens, bathrooms, or other moisture-prone areas. (If you have a dog or cat that is prone to "territory marking" you may also want to consider wood or PVC for the lower portions of the paneling.)

We used wood rather than MDF in the project below to ensure that the paneling would last in a bathroom environment.


The client below chose beadboard paneling for their classic New England bathroom remodel.

Bathrooms are ideal candidates for paneling as they are generally smaller than other rooms which translates into a lower cost and less effort to add a panel detail. Unlike other rooms where you can add character to a space through furniture and art, bathrooms come with their "furnishings" permanently in one place and have limited options for customization other than the floors and walls.

In the kid's bathroom below we utilized PVC paneling for the lower walls to ensure the highest level of water resistance. In this remodel we were able to reuse the original 1940s tile floor, tub, and medicine cabinets and tried to blend modern with traditional in the custom paneling design.

Paneling comes in all shapes and sizes and can be tailored to all budgets. Whether your goal is to add interest to a boring room, a contemporary feel to a traditional room, or a splash of farmhouse to your suburban home, paneling can help give a room that finishing touch.

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